"The Practical Visionary is a highly engaging synthesis of the ageless wisdom and practical tools for changing the world. " -- DeepaK Chopra

The Practical Visionary is a highly engaging synthesis of the ageless wisdom and practical tools for changing the world--by spiritual activists whose hearts are on fire for humanity. They give you keys to the new world within you—and to the new world of social innovators all around you. They reveal the higher evolutionary plan unfolding today, and inspire us to find our part in co-creating a more radiant future.” –Deepak Chopra, author of Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul and The Ultimate Happiness Prescription

To read "The Practical Visionary" is to be lifted into a vibrant conviction and even more, a deep knowing that the process of evolution is working, that a growing tide of people of excellence, brilliance and effectiveness are already shifting the world. It gives us a pragmatic yet visionary basis for our own action and commitment to give our best Right Now! A wonderful book and a must read for all those who care about entering into the process of cocreating a new and better world. --Babara Marx Hubbard, co-founder and Chairman of the Board, Foundation for Conscious Evolution, author and evolutionary educator.

 “Outstanding and Inspiring! The Practical Visionary is a mind-expanding and soul-enriching book that helps move you into a new paradigm. Besides all the resources, wisdom, and optimism in the book, another reason I love it are the meditations in it…”
--Joe Vitale, co-author of The Secret and author of The Attractor Factor, Expect Miracles, and Attract Money Now.
(See the full review on his blog: http://blog.mrfire.com)

“Read this amazing story of a practical visionary who’s been in the trenches of social change—and soared to the heights in spiritual practice. Corinne shares what she’s learned, from starting an ecological community in Massachusetts, to working with a Presidential Council in Washington D.C. She provides a unique and exciting overview of the New World today, with numerous examples of heroic pioneers and social enterprises. And most importantly, she gives you the practical tools to make your own vision a reality and attract the financial resources you need.” --Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money

"No one has been more faithful to the pursuit and practice of spiritually based activism than Corinne McLaughlin. The Practical Visionary resounds with her wisdom. She summons us to trust both our own gifts and this unrepeatable moment of history as we co-create a New World." --Joanna Macy author of World as Lover, World as Self

"Although they can be terrifying, the challenges and stresses of our current world present us with unparalleled opportunities for growth and understanding — if we can acquire the skills required to see in new ways. The Practical Visionary can assist anyone in this journey. It provides wise guidance in seeing the patterns that connect. If you are interested in standing firmly in the storm, and experiencing fulfillment in the process, this is a book for you." -- Larry Dossey, MD, author of The Power of Premonitions and The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things

“At a time when we are subjected to so many grim predictions of our future, we need the hope of inspired visions and positive, practical actions to implement them. Corinne more than meets this need. With graceful writing, she gives us a clear look at the positive possibilities before us and our power to bring them into reality. Without question, this is a handbook for a new world, and I recommend it unreservedly. It is the right book at the right time to make a difference in our future.” -- David Spangler, author of The Call, Subtle Worlds, and Facing the Future

“What a jolt of remembrance that as world citizens, each of us has a calling to be a Practical Visionary and thereby contribute to the creation of an enlightened society. The principles and practices provided in this book confirm that we are by nature fully equipped to answer that call. Corinne and Gordon strip away the notion that visionaries are only news headliners of past or present who play on the world stage. No! They live right next door, in our household, in our own community. ‘They’ are our very own self.’” --Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Spiritual Liberation -- Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential

“One look at today's news media makes you pessimistic. But never mind, underneath it all there is an evolutionary movement of consciousness going on that few people can see. Corinne McLaughlin is one of those few seers. Read her book; it will make you optimistic, nay, downright enthusiastic about our future, your future--so much so that you may consider playing an active role in it. Why not? Corinne gives you many good ideas for how you can participate.” --Amit Goswami, Ph.D., author of God is Not Dead, Creative Evolution and The Self-Aware Universe

“Corinne McLaughlin has lived this book through 30+ years as a spiritual activist, with heart open and feet planted firmly in both soul and pragmatism. She has followed her inner light, not the latest issue or trend. She has never relinquished her knowledge that out of paradox, held dispassionately, come wisdom and solutions that work. She now brings us the fruits of her life in this readable, encouraging and far ranging book (In these times of collective stress it's not easy to convince anyone that this turbulence is actually our passage into a greater collective maturity – but she does just that) with great grace and good cheer, and gives us a new roadmap for spiritual activism.” --Vicki Robbin, author of Your Money or Your Life

“The Practical Visionary is nothing less than a blueprint and a plan of how we might create a new world closer to the desires of our hearts. It will challenge you and help you find your soul work and service to the world." Sam Keen, Ph.D., author of Fire in the Belly and Faces of the Enemy 

“Corinne has created a superb study guide for like-minded spiritual students to facilitate global transformation from home. She is a profound global thinker, distilling truth that transcends time and any sense of duality, so we can experience the unification that comes from dismantling perceived opposites. As we live from the awareness and application of a higher synthesis we facilitate global peace.”-- Rev. Richard Mantei, former Chair of the Association of Unity Churches International and member of Unity’s Board of Directors

“This book is full of positive insights into the evolving role of morality and spirituality in the economic market, which the authors considered to be a powerful transformative force in modern society. It contains a wealth of wisdom acquired through personal experiences that span the gamut from sobering to inspirational, to downright humorous on some occasions. It is a worthwhile read for anyone interested in becoming an agent for societal change, as well as for those who simply need well-founded encouragement to persevere in this direction.” --Ambassador John McDonald, Chairman and CEO of the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy

"Practical visionaries Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson offer the most inspiring, comprehensive and practical guide to spiritual growth and social change yet written. This remarkable book includes everything from practical tools to help us clarify our vision and chart our own path, guided meditations that can help us deepen spiritually, examples of innovative solutions that highlight what is possible, different ways that practical visionaries transform problems into creative solutions, and much more. The book gives us a wider sense of what is possible and offers hope for the future - so important in these times. The book inspires, and even challenges, us to find our part in creating the kind of society we wish to see, offering the tools to make our own vision a reality. Bravo!" --Kim Weichel, co-author, Healing the Heart of the World

"Corinne and Gordon lay out for those who may be first coming to this conversation about how to connect into the amazing myriad of initiatives that are part of the emerging new world. It is powerful to read this all in one place, coming from a perspective of having been connected into this world for so many years. The context they articulate for this time and perspective of how to be "with it all" is well articulated and is an excellent synthesis of so many aspects of being alive at this time on earth. They capture the many questions we all have as we observe the current situation in our country and globally.This book inspires both just awakening and already awakened humans to new levels in their awareness of and commitment to global transformation." -- Joanne Brem

"I have read so many spiritual development books over the years, that now I generally skim for the good parts. So I was taken by surprise to find, when I picked up "The Practical Visionary," that I was drawn into actually reading the whole book. In fact, I ended up underlining and making !!!s in the margin more than any book I've read in years. Corinne and Gordon actually share the practical, spiritual approach to life that they live. It feels do-able and effective, yet not overwhelming.

I especially needed this book right now because I have been torn lately - between being pulled among so many possibilities for making a difference in the world, or giving up because of the enormity of the challenges we are facing. This book left me hoping again - based on facts, not just probabilities. I truly got that there IS a new world growing right in the midst of the old!

The authors detail eight keys to spiritual growth and social change. Each one held a special gift for me. Corinne and Gordon have a deep understanding of the shift that is taking place in the human race, and that can also unfold in each one of us personally. They powerfully address both." --Rev. Pat Palmer 

"Practical visionaries are awake: their eyes are on the horizon, their feet are on the ground, and their hearts are on fire. Rather than fanatical idealism, they are creating a new rhythm of practical spirituality. Synthesis is their keynote; transcending dualities such as inner and outer, reflection and action, and personal and political; and finding higher common ground amidst conflict," writes Corrine McLaughlin. She and Gordon Davidson are the co-authors of Spiritual Politics and founders of The Center for Visionary Leadership. Their commitment to service has led to the creation of a successful spiritual/ecological community in Massachusetts, a nonprofit leadership community in Washington D.C., and an international meditation network.

McLaughlin quotes Rainer Maria Rilke:
"Again and again in history some special people wake up and demand room for bold and audacious action.
The future speaks ruthlessly through them.They change the world." 

The authors provide readers with many helpful lists, meditations, and thought-provoking probes on New World Values (such as Whole Systems, Integral Thinking; Multiculturalism and Diversity; Intuition and Inner Guidance); the spirit of synthesis in politics, science, business, and religion; ways to keep spirituality sane in challenging times; four key strategies for creating the New World (the paths of the spiritual warrior, the social innovator, the reformer, and the exemplar); and a meditation on discovering your vision and contribution to the New World.

One of the essential changes that must be made in moving beyond the present adversarial culture is to abandon the mythology of dualism with its emphasis upon the conflict between inner and outer, Spirit and matter, self and society. A radiant and enlightened civilization, according to McLaughlin, will be built on synthesis, collaboration, and unity consciousness.
--Salaam, Shalom, Shanti, Peace,
Mary Ann Brussat

Calling All Innovative Minds
New review of The Practical Visionary – A New world Guide to Spiritual Growth and Social Change 

A major area of service today for the spiritually awakened lies in the task of daring to continue communicating a vision of hope for a better world. To share the unequivocal positive message that rapid growth for all humanity is today not just a sweet dream – despite the prevalent tone of negativism and fear constantly issued by mass media – but a realistic, indeed rational, statement. Evolution on all planes continues. As we know, humanity has taken giant evolutionary steps for the past 50-60 years, and therefore the new millennium, though still in its infancy, presents unique opportunities for social change for the masses on a hitherto unseen scale….

It is a timely event to receive this new book, The Practical Visionary, for it guides us into the spiritual techniques of tomorrow. It contains page after page of accumulated and practiced, living wisdom. It is written by true way showers for the future, and it brings good tidings for a better world which humanity can believe in--ideas which we can all choose to practice in our basic everyday living situations.

The Practical Visionary achieves the difficult art of writing about highly complex matters and ancient, universal truths in an elegant way which does not dilute its powerful inner wisdom. On the contrary, it upgrades both our understanding of these perennial truths and provides practical tools for dealing creatively with century old problems that have inhibited our spiritual and personal welfare for ages. All is presented by the authors in a finely tuned language, also easily accessible to newcomers of conscious spirituality. But though the language is not overloaded by occult nomenclature (or perhaps precisely therefore, one might say), it conveys profound metaphysical insight which will, undoubtedly, be new to many, even to avid students and learned teachers of spiritual teachings.

This New World Guide is organized into 8 carefully laid out chapters, conveying 8 keys to inner and outer spiritual growth. It is a delight and a wonderful journey to delve into the mindscape of the authors, as they provide multiple ways, approaches and tools for the reader to practice right here, right now. This book is an inviting and vibrant companion to living the modern spiritual life – sort of a hybrid between a self-help manual and a first philosophy for spirituality in the 21st century – offered to those who seek to lead meaningful lives as conscious, dynamic co-creators of the evolutionary plan.

The themes, to name just a very few of the marvelous array presented in the book, range from: the big picture of evolution; spiritual strategies for social change; methods for soul invocation, including new ideas for working with all aspects of consciousness – from super-consciousness to subconscious levels; meditation; spiritual guidance; clarification of spiritual purpose; practical strategy planning; understanding money and using it in a spiritual way; conflict resolution by synthesis, from global to national to local policy making, pointing to ways for the politics of the future.

In short, this book has a call for all who care for what is the next step ahead for all of us. It is the book which will inspire and lift your whole being for years to come.

by Paul Birkholm, Copenhagen, Denmark

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