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A New World Guide to Spiritual Growth and Social Change

© 2010 Corinne McLaughlin with Gordon Davidson

Table of Contents

Foreword by Hazel Henderson


Key #1: Shift From What Is Dying to What Is Being Born:
Discover the New World of Practical Visionaries All Around You
Practical Approaches to Social Change in Unusual Places
Civilizational Chronic Fatigue
The Cosmic Tipping Point
Which Path Will We Take?
The Planetary Initiation
Being a Fulcrum for Change
The Portal into the New World
Why We Need More Practical Visionaries Today
Connecting the Inner and Outer Worlds
New World Values
Exploring the New World Around You
Examples of New World Solutions
Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You: The New World
Spiritual Practices
  Frequency Adjustment Meditation
  Meditation on World Crisis
  Meditation on the Harmonics of the New World
Key Insights to Reflect On

Key #2: Understand the Big Picture and the Evolutionary Plan:
Find Your Part and Get Engaged
Living the Future Now
The Evolutionary Design
Finding Your Part in the Evolutionary Design
Doorways to the New World: How You Can Get Engaged
The Law of Cycles
The Shift from Dogmatic Fanaticism to Practicality and Rhythmic Order
The New Rhythm of Practicality
Current Evolutionary Priorities
Creating Synthesis, Unity and Fusion
Revealing Spirit in Matter and the Inner Divinity Within All Life
Developing Right Relationship, Goodwill and Group Endeavor
Recognizing Consciousness as the Causal Factor
Supporting Enlightened Leaders
Creating Greater Transparency and Shining Light on the Darkness
Spiritual Practices
  How to Keep Spiritually Sane in Challenging Times
  Meditation on the Inner Light Within Your Heart
Key Insights to Reflect On

Key #3: Make Your Livelihood a Social Change Strategy:
Be a Spiritual Warrior, an Innovator, a Reformer and/or an Exemplar
Applying Your Values to a Field You Are Passionate About
The Interdependence of Strategies for Change
Changing the World and Changing Yourself at the Same Time
Confronting the Darkness in the Old World: The Spiritual Warrior
Creating Alternative Institutions: The Social Innovator
Transforming the System from Within: The Reformer
Living the Values of the New World: The Exemplar
Hope for the Future
Spiritual Practices
  Personal Spiritual Practices for Creating Change within Organizations
  Spiritual Techniques for Energizing Your Workplace
Key Insights to Reflect On

Key #4: Invoke the Magic of Your Soul:
Explore the New World Within You and Make Friends With Your Subconscious
Having a Consciousness “Makeover”
The Science of Transformation
The Soul: Your Essence and True Identity
The Soul as Link Between Spirit and Matter
Qualities of the Soul
What Is Your Personality?
Your Physical/Etheric Body
Your Emotional Body
Your Mental Body
Integrating Your Personality
How to Tell Who Is in Charge
Making Friends with Your Subconscious
Building the Rainbow Bridge to Your Soul
Your Chakras and Spiritual Development
Stages of Spiritual Development
Karma and Spiritual Growth
Spiritual Practices
  The Art of the Observer
  Meditation on Invoking Your Soul
  Techniques for Strengthening Your Heart
Key Insights to Reflect On

Key #5: Turn Within to Find a Source of Spiritual Strength:
Develop a Regular Meditative Practice to Receive Clear Guidance
Developing a Regular Meditation Practice
Types of Meditation
Benefits of Meditation
Establishing a Regular Rhythm and Place
Creative Meditation Techniques
Meditations for Social Change
Meditative Group Decision-Making
Receiving Guidance in Meditation
Evaluating Spiritual Guidance
Sources of Spiritual Guidance
How to Download Reliable Guidance From Your Soul
Strengthening Your Intuition in Daily Life
Spiritual Practices
  Meditative Techniques for Receiving Clear Inner Guidance
  Meditation on Discovering Your Vision and Contribution to the New World
Key Insights to Reflect On

Key #6: Clarify Your Higher Purpose and Vision:
Create a Mission, Practical Strategy and Right Timing
The Need to Embody Your Vision and Values
Vision in Your Leadership or Leadership for Your Vision?
Qualities of Practical Visionaries
Overcoming Short Circuits in Your Energy Flow
Sounding a Clear Note of Purpose
What You Have to Unlearn About Your Purpose
How to Use Your Chakra Energies to Manifest Your Vision
Spiritual Stages in Creating a New Organization
Finding the Right Timing for Your Vision
Managing Time Efficiently to Manifest Your Vision
Spiritual Practices
  Practical Visionary Worksheet
  A Diagnostic Tool for Balancing Energy Flows
  Reflective Exercises on Managing Time
Key Insights to Reflect On

Key #7: See Money as a Spiritual Asset:
Trust in the Abundance of the Universe—and Be Practical and Wise
Developing Trust and Creating an Harmonious, Attractive Field
Appreciating Money
Why Spiritual People Have Money Problems
Recognizing and Transforming Unhealthy Attitudes
How Money Can Be a Spiritual Asset
Attracting Money to Meet Real Needs
Right Circulation: Tithing and Blessing Money
Socially Responsible Investing
Spiritual Approaches to Financial Crisis
Spiritual Practices
  Questions on Money for Reflection
  Meditation on Attracting Financial Abundance
Key Insights to Reflect On

Key #8: Transform Duality and Conflict into a Higher Synthesis:
Find Common Ground Personally and Politically to Change the World
Changing the Adversarial Mindset
Transcending the Duality of Political vs. Spiritual
Finding Common Ground through Multi-Stakeholder Dialogues
Creating Transpartisan, Synthesis Solutions
Spiritual Practices
  Techniques for Good Communication and Resolving Conflicts
  Meditation on Finding a Higher Synthesis of Opposing Views
  Meditation on the Soul of a Nation
  Prayer for Your Nation
Key Insights to Reflect On

Conclusion: Become a Mapmaker for Our Journey Into the New World:
A Call to Action and Co-Creation

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